Biomes Pathfinder

I. WHS Library website


OPAC: The electronic catalog for Waltham High School is accessible both at the school library and at home.

  • From the school library, go to any computer and select the OPAC icon on the desktop (computers labeled OPAC ONLY will already have the OPAC open). Type in your search terms and then chose the type of search that you would like to perform (i.e. keyword, title, author, subject, etc.)

  • From home, go to the WHS Library website and click on OPACs on the top navigation bar. Click Begin and then type in your search terms and then chose the type of search that you would like to perform.

III. Reference & Nonfiction

Reference books are located on the shelves below the glass windows in the back of the main room. Additional reference books are located in the Reference Room.

  • REF 550.3 Enc General Encyclopedia of Earth Science
  • REF 333.95 End Endangered Animals
  • REF 333.95 Ben Endangered Species
  • REF 333.95 Lif Life on Earth
  • REF 500.03 Wor The World Book Encyclopedia of Science
  • REF 550 Ear Earth Science for Students
  • REF 590.3 Int International Wildlife Encyclopedia
  • REF 574 Enc Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
  • REF 599.03 Enc The Encyclopedia of Mammals
  • REF 578.734 Rai Rain Forests of the World
  • REF 577.8 Dic Environment & Its Biomes
  • REF 580.3 Mag Magill’s Encyclopedia of Science: Plant Life

IV. Databases

Most school subscription databases are available from both school and home; however, from home you will need a library card number to access the databases. To access the databases, go to the Waltham High School Library website, click on the Databases link in the top navigation bar, and select the database that you are interested in searching.

  • InfoTrac: Expanded Academic ASAP
  • InfoTrac: General Onefile
  • InfoTrac: General Reference Center Gold
  • InfoTrac: Student Edition
  • InfoTrac: Academic Onefile

  • NewsBank
  • World Book
  • The New York Times

V. Internet Resources

Info on Biomes

Video Resources


VI. Works Cited Resources

Research and Citation Guides

Citation Generators

Sample Works Cited

  • Click here to see a sample works cited page for this wiki.